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Simply Silver Guitar String Bracelet with Guitar Charm

Simply Silver Guitar String Bracelet with Guitar Charm

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Once upon a time there was a girl who loved a boy. 
That boy played the guitar for her every day until one day he had to leave.

After he'd left, she collected his used and discarded guitar strings and fashioned them into bracelets with which to remember him.
These guitar string bracelets are born from that story.

Wear one and carry the music with you all day long. 
Got a music-lover in your life? Unisex and one-size-fits-all means they are great for gifts! Hear it. Love it. Wear it.

    The Deets:

    • One-size-fits-all.  Seriously, just bend and shape to suit any wrist.
    • Made from REAL guitar strings.  Don't get 'em wet!
    • Approximately 9 inches in wrap length.
    • Silver is great for stacking.
    • Guitar Charm is rhodium plated brass and measures 1 inch in length.

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    Great item! My friend loves it.