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We are a music merchandise company that strives to hit all the right notes: Music, Sustainability, Fashion & Charity. Our team is comprised of all women, and we provide flexible work hours in a child-friendly environment. We take recycling and "giving back" to heart in both our personal and professional lives.  Our support staff consists of the amazing Nicole Crandall and Joyce Dollinger.  Nicole works out of the RI office and handles all inventory, wholesale and general office breakdowns.  She has two boys under the age of fourteen and a kitten that keeps her up at night. Joyce lives in NYC and works as a lawyer by day and a WYM hustler by night. She doesn't have any pets, but we are all egging her on to get some.

Wear Your Music Founder & Owner Hannah Garrison is a Providence, RI based entrepreneur. In addition to running Wear Your Music, she is the Founder of Calm-A-Mama, a natural supplement company and OMstack, an meditation-inspired jewelry line. Garrison also offers mentoring and coaching to other women in business. She's the mama of two rambunctious kids and makes granola to die for. She has one excellent pair of red pants and a boot collection she polishes herself.

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