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Dave Matthews

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Once you choose the style of guitar string jewelry you'd like, the pricing and availability for the chosen piece will also be displayed.

  • Choose your jewelry style:
Pendant is handcrafted in the USA from recycled strings donated by the musician of your choice.  Pendant features a stainless steel and glass locket measuring 1” in diameter and  a 24” stainless steel rounded box chain necklace.
    Bracelet is handcrafted in the USA from recycled strings donated by the musician of your choice. A sterling silver seal accents the bracelet with the chosen musician’s initials.  Bracelet includes stainless steel clasp. Please determine your measurements in the sizing guide

    Cuff is handcrafted in the USA from stainless steel and a recycled string donated by the musician of your choice. Cuff with string inlay features a sterling silver accent with the chosen musician’s initials. Two adjustable sizes are available, please determine your measurements in the sizing guide
      • Color, metal, quantity and thickness of the strings varies by artists. Images shown are samples only.
      • A portion of profits is donated to the charity chosen by the selected musician.  Dave Matthews selected charity is the Bama Works Fund.
        • These pieces are handcrafted and will ship approximately three weeks from the date of purchase

        Unisex bracelets and pendants handcrafted from guitar strings played on and donated by Dave Matthews. These unique personalized accessories are custom made for you at the time of your order and a portion of profits is donated to the charity selected by the musician. Wear the music of your favorite rockstar and do good by donating to their favorite cause.


        Dave Matthews is a South African-born American guitarist, composer, and vocalist most noted for his work with Dave Matthews Band. With DMB, he has released nine studio albums, 36 live albums, and won 2 Grammy Awards.
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        The Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band is administered by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. Established in 1999, the Bama Works Fund supports charitable programs primarily in the Charlottesville, VA area but has also responded to a wide variety of needs both nationally and internationally. The fund has raised over $40M and has made over 1200 grants since its inception. 
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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 15 reviews
          Wear it all day, everyday.

          I've worn my bracelet every day since I've gotten it in various scenarios. I manage a restaurant and serve tables so it definitely is getting some abuse. The Sterling silver is turning that weird color that happens when you wear it a lot, but I expected that. I just love having Dave's guitar string on my wrist at all times. Will definitely be buying more in the future once I really see how long this one will last. I am slightly anxious about the longevity.

          Even better than expected

          I was very excited for this bracelet, but it’s actually even better in person. As a big fan and a guitarist myself I can’t imagine a cooler piece.

          Nice looking necklace; enclosed guitar wire is very short piece

          See review title; was expecting a little bit longer piece of guitar string, that's all

          Great Gift! Never will fail to impress!

          Got this for a dear friend for a milestone birthday. Couldn't have gone over better.

          Now, can they get Ed Sheeran in stock for my daughter's December birthday?


          This is by far the best gift for any music lover!! I love my Bracelet!!