Everyone knows the Holiday Season, albeit a magical time of year, is also one of the most stressful.  From holiday dinners to gift giving and cookie swaps, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the    day (or year!). But here are a few ways to stay stress free and enjoy the season, without having a    meltdown and vowing to skip the festivities!    

1.) Get outside! Fresh air is not only good for you, it does wonders for your frame of mind. Take the dog for a walk, take a stroll though Christmas lights, or a hike in the woods. It will clear you mind and you might come up with some good gift ideas while you're out there.

2.) Cut back! No one expects you to get a present for everyone! It's hard enough to keep track of your husband's cousins and their twelve children's names, never mind figuring out what to get them! Pick names out of a hat, or donate to a needy family in honor of them. This way everyone wins!

3.) Plan ahead! Make sure you have all your ingredients and Great Aunt Phyllis's pumpkin pie recipe well before the day arrives. Or better yet, ask everyone coming to bring a dish. This way there is plenty for everyone and more time for you as well!

4.) Shop online! With the retail stores offering discounts and free shipping this holiday season, take advantage! You're sitting at your computer anyways! Need gift ideas? How about a Wear Your Music Gift Card! Perfect for every music lover and easy to download for those last minute gifts!

5.) Don't do it all!  Even Santa has his Elves. Ask a spouse or kids to help with the decorations and cookie baking. Ask a niece to help with some holiday wrapping (as long as they can keep a secret). Just don't try to do everything yourself, as tempted as you'll be. The more you delegate, the less stressed you will be and the more enjoyable the holiday will be for everyone.


          ~ Nicole