Holiday season is coming.  Our biggest and busiest time of the year.  And yes, we have AWESOME SALES in store for you.  Black Friday will be BIG and Cyber Monday will be even bigger.  But, the sales are not on every item.  And that's why what we have going right now is SUPER cool.

If you visited our home page today you'll see that we're offering a coupon that gives you 5% off ANY product. This even includes our artist bracelets which are rarely ever discounted!  (To apply this discount enter code earlybird13 at checkout.)  Don't miss out!  For many of the artists on our list, this is the best deal of the whole holiday season!

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Also, we now have gift cards! So if that special someone in your life is picky- let them pick!  

Have something you'd love to see on sale?  Let us know and maybe you'll get lucky this season!