Carbon Leaf got their start at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia in 1992, practicing in an auditorium on campus. They sing about life, love, hope, heartbreak and landscape. For 23 years they have recorded and produced from their studio in Virginia. They have 16 albums and performed 2600 live shows. They describe their sound as using Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana, rock and pop traditions  to create what they call "Ether-Electrified Porch Music." Their last album "Love Loss Hope Repeat Reneaux" came out July 31, 2015.

Here is a list of 50 great Carbon Leaf songs

And some tour dates!

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Love Hope Strength (LHS) is now firmly established as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. The organization was created in 2007, registered as a charity in 2008, and co-founded by Mike Peters and James Chippendale. Mike is a 3-time cancer survivor and an internationally acclaimed singer for the Welsh rock band The Alarm. James, a fellow cancer survivor, is a respected insurance executive specializing in the music industry. Together they had the vision that LHS could literally, “Save lives, one concert at a time!” Music is quite the healer. LHS loves taking the message of love, hope and strength to those who do not have access to the same medical treatments, care and facilities experienced by many of us here in the west. Since 2008 they have been hosting marrow donor drives at concerts and festivals across the globe via our Get on the List campaign. This program encourages people to sign up for the International Bone Marrow Registry via a simple cheek swab, taking our concept of, “saving lives, one concert at a time,” to a whole new level, according to the LHS website.