An up and coming star - Tinatin Japaridze is a woman to watch! Hailing from Soviet Georgia, Tinatin has done it all. From singing, songwriting and journalism, to hosting her own radio show as a United Nations Correspondent in New York City and the UN radio. Her newest venture takes her on stage to an Off-Broadway production, "Matryoshka the Musical: the story of how a Russian nesting doll rebuilt one girl's American dream."  Written by Tinatin in collaboration with prominent Broadway figure, Timothy Graphenreed (The Wiz; Yo, Alice!; Comin' Uptown) and inspired by her own memoirs.

"There are many stories about following ones dreams. What makes Matryoshka different is the life that it explores and openly shares with the audience. Matryoshka is fresh and inspiring, full of intriguing adventures and difficult choices made by a teenager. The story reveals a few left turns in life.  What emerges is a young woman determined to capture the life once dreamed of by a young girl. "

To find out more about this inspiring musical and Tinatin click HERE, or visit her Facebook page.

Thank you to Tinatin Japaridze for a beautiful photo!