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Whose Strings Are You Wearing

Summer Bucket List

It’s that time of year again… SUMMER!!  Which means my boys are home and life is once again crazy, hectic and wonderful. Here are a few fun ideas we have on our summer bucket list!

  • A day at the Zoo
  • Fly Kites
  • Paddle Boat Ride
  • Catch fireflies
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Read a Book Together as a Family
  • Go to a Water Park
  • Go Hiking
  • Neighborhood Whiffle Ball Game
  • Camp Outside in the Back Yard
  • Fishing
  • Blueberry Picking
  • Go to a Drive In Movie
  • Bike Path – Providence to Bristol (26 miles!!!)
  • Have a NO ELECTRONIC Day (my kids came up with that one. What do you suppose that means?)
  • Buy a Sky Map and search for Constellations
  • Grow Our Own Veggies
  • Plant a Fruit Tree
  • Make a New Friend at the Park
  • Have a Marshmallow Fight (we each have our own marshmallow launcher, myself included!)
  • Kayaking
  • Have a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
  • Rock Climbing
  • Have Ice Cream for Dinner
  • Backyard Obstacle Course
  • Rent a Movie Projector and turn the Backyard into a Movie Theater

Whether you’re planning a big vacation or taking it a day at a time… make it fun, make it last, make it memorable.  What’s on your summer bucket list???


~ Nicole