It’s that time of year again… SUMMER!!  Which means my boys are home and life is once again crazy, hectic and wonderful. Here are a few fun ideas we have on our summer bucket list!

  • A day at the Zoo
  • Fly Kites
  • Paddle Boat Ride
  • Catch fireflies
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Read a Book Together as a Family
  • Go to a Water Park
  • Go Hiking
  • Neighborhood Whiffle Ball Game
  • Camp Outside in the Back Yard
  • Fishing
  • Blueberry Picking
  • Go to a Drive In Movie
  • Bike Path – Providence to Bristol (26 miles!!!)
  • Have a NO ELECTRONIC Day (my kids came up with that one. What do you suppose that means?)
  • Buy a Sky Map and search for Constellations
  • Grow Our Own Veggies
  • Plant a Fruit Tree
  • Make a New Friend at the Park
  • Have a Marshmallow Fight (we each have our own marshmallow launcher, myself included!)
  • Kayaking
  • Have a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
  • Rock Climbing
  • Have Ice Cream for Dinner
  • Backyard Obstacle Course
  • Rent a Movie Projector and turn the Backyard into a Movie Theater

Whether you’re planning a big vacation or taking it a day at a time… make it fun, make it last, make it memorable.  What’s on your summer bucket list???


~ Nicole