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Wear Your Music Reinvents Guitar Strings

Everyone knows one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and Providence entrepreneur Hannah Garrison takes those words to heart.

Always making jewelry out of recycled materials, she would invite musicians to play in her art studio. “Often [the musicians] would change their guitar strings, and leave them lying around,” says Garrison. It was then she saw the potential to create bracelets out of the discarded materials.

Garrison’s company, Wear Your Music, was born from that idea. She reached out to prominent musicians like Sara Bareilles, Eric Clapton and Adam Levine and asked them to donate their strings to be made into jewelry, with 100 percent of the profits going to a charity of their choice. “I’m not asking them to play a show, I’m just asking for their trash,” says Garrison.

Since 2007, more than half a million dollars has been distributed among 100 charities. She also keeps an archive of strings that were played by deceased musicians including Les Paul and Brown Bird’s beloved Dave Lamb, who recently died from leukemia at age thirty-five.

The Famous Artists Collection is custom-made in Providence, but those hoping to snag a piece don’t have to drop a pretty penny. More affordable items are made out of reclaimed material.