Here at Wear Your Music,it's a fabulous time of year. Orders for loved ones and yourselves come in and we lovingly package or create the next bracelet from guitar and bass strings to pass onto you to rock out. As we all sit together with friends and family to reflect on this wonderful year that's passing by so fast and the new one yet to come, we wanted to share our list of thanks...

We're thankful for
1. Rock and roll, which will never die.

2. Wonderful customers who continue to support our artists and business.

3. The fine gift of crafting.

4. Coffee... so much coffee.

5. Choice in all areas of life... and bracelet styles, of course!

6. Free (economy) shipping (in the US)... even if it is just for a limited time (Code: BLKFRI2014 for FRI/SAT/SUN ONLY!

7. Hair bands. Because, yeah.

8. Good conversation.

9. Guitars.

and finally, this really goes without saying
10. The amazing artists and contributers that make Wear Your Music possible!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!