It's DAY 4 of our 10 Days of Rocking Sales...

If you've noticed, each day we add FIVE MORE PERCENT OFF on our deal of the day. Didn't notice? Well take a look at THESE Trashy bracelets!


20% off today (until 11:59pmEST) just for you! Ideal for stuffers or to stock up on to give to anyone, anytime! We love our recycled gems... and they're awesome because they:


1. Tie on, so they can fit any size wrist. 

2. Vary in length from 16-22 inches and also in color.  It's like a surprise! 

3. Are made out of plastic, so you can get them wet, dry them, and do pretty much whatever you want to them. Because plastic is almost INDESTRUCTIBLE.  Which is why we need to recycle!


Use the code ROCKING20 at checkout NOW!