A few months back, a friend shared in a specific love of green. This color supported a cause she holds near and dear to her, and while our bracelets are just colors, they can mean so much more.

From Chelley at A is For Adelaide...

The name itself intrigued me. My husband is a musician and has been wooing me with his fine tunes for years… In fact, my tattoo for him is his guitar pick tattooed on my arm! Needless to say: we’re all into music in this house. When I first heard about Wear Your Music, the one I wanted was the Groovy Green guitar string bracelet. Not only because they're awesome, but also because of Dwarfism Awareness! I wear those green rubber bands everyday, but when I dress up, I don’t always want to have them on. Knowing that I still represent “DA” and I get to be fashionable makes me one happy mama!

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Wear your music.org was founded by Steve Bernstein (Zenbu Media, LLC) and Hannah Garrison (Garrison Design, LLC) Long story short (read more about the company HERE), the two met through a Craigslist ad that Steve had  posted, and the rest is history! There are three collections to choose from, which make perfect accessories for yourself as well as the perfect unique gift! The Strings Collection features one-size-fits-all guitar and bass string bracelets, guitar string rings and keychains. They come in a variety of colors… including that Groovy Green I was talking about. The Rock Recycled Collection features guitar string bracelets and earrings made from recycled strings collected from earth-conscious students and budding musicians around the globe. There is a pretty rad pair of earrings that I know quite a few ladies would cherish! This collection of styles is such a cool idea- I feel like these are the perfect gift for grads! And The Famous Artists Collection is made from strings donated by famous artists like Eric Clapton, Ani Defranco, Carlos Santa, Joan Jett… the list is long and impressive. What makes this awesome for both you and the artists? 100% of net profits go to the artists’ chosen charity!

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I love my bracelets because they are fashion. They are charity. They are giving and sharing. My bracelets represent my style, my passion for advocacy, my love of music and the arts, the colors that I feel most comfortable in.


What color brings out the passion in you?