Because we want you to do more with your fashion than just rock it... let us introduce you to our Famous Artists Collection at Wear Your Music.

♪ The Famous Artist Bracelet collection showcases bracelets handcrafted upon order from sterling silver and used guitar strings donated by acclaimed musicians such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Joan Jett and over 100 more artists and bands!  

  • Bracelets are  custom made upon order in Providence, Rhode Island and packaged in recycled materials with certificates of authenticity. 
  • 100% of net profits go to the artists' chosen charity. 
  • This collection is offered EXCLUSIVELY to retail customers on
  • Each bracelet is CUSTOM MADE upon order and production time can take up to three weeks BEFORE item ships.  
  • Bracelets come with a certificate of authenticity and are packaged in recycled materials.

We take great pride in everything we offer to our fans, but, more than that, we take great pride in our community. These handmade creations offer more than fashion, they offer advocacy services, education, protection, instruction and so much more. Please be sure to stop by the site and search for your favorite musician!