We are more than a week into the New Year and your resolutions are probably broken already. Let's make some cool music ones shall we? Pick at least 1 and we will meet back here in 2017.

1.Get around to listening to the whole Beatles catalog again now that they are on Spotify.

2. Make more playlists for people you love. It's an actual fun and great gift.

3. Leave your phone in your pocket. The whole time. For one show. Try it. (Your pictures aren't that great anyway.)

4. Try going overseas for a concert. Have fun trying to figure out your surroundings with a friend and watch a show with a whole new group of people/culture!

5. Really actually listen to that one album you hated years ago.

6. Go to a festival like Rock in Rio, Glastonbury, Coachella, or Lollapalooza. Stop talking about. Just go.

Coachella's line up this year:

7. Arrive on time for an opening act. They are trying really hard to win you over. Maybe they will become really famous and you will have bragging rights that you have seen them already.

8. Listen to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist. At least in the background. Maybe you will find a new obsession!

9. Clean out your iTunes library. Your computer and phone memory will thank you.

10. Donate to a music related Kickstarter. Crowdfunding can be really annoying but most music related things are worth it if one is really talented and just needs some help.

Pick at least 3? It's a lot easier than waking up at 6am for the gym or quitting your really bad habit.