Knowing how awesome it is to hear it and then wear it with guitar strings at WYM, re-creating it and playing it was just as amazing to discover.  Recycled, re-created and re-designed musical instruments create just as dulcet sounds as their elite relatives. Recycled music bands are becoming quite the rave.  Browsing through FB, I was pleasantly surprised to discover various bands cropping up and gaining recognition through youtube for their amazing rhythms.  One such band grabbing everyone’s attention around the globe is Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra! A part of an upcoming documentary: Landfill Harmoic this is a band created by a music teacher and a trash picker in the city of Cateura who teamed up to find a way to teach economically disadvantaged kids to play music in the absence of musical instruments The outcome is phenomenol!The band has already performed with Megadeth and has a few performances up to view on youtube Some of the instruments the band members use shall be up on display in Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum.

 Another band 'Reziketas' takes its name from the words recycle and bicycles in Basque (Northern Spain). Not known to many, Basque is still unknown to the world, however has many talented individuals residing there. Reziketas a 4 musicians-actors road show, cycle around the town playing  their instruments using recycled materials of any kind. Crossing the Mediterranean sea, in Greece two self taught artists Chris Tsoniasand Areti Karra  are inventors and constructors of unique, recycled and fully useable artistic musical instruments at artecoart. Using materials such as fabrics, papers, cardboard they have been able to create guitars, violins cellos piano percussion and wind instruments. It’s amazing to see how we all are moving towards conserving the earth one way or the other and what better way than with the sounds of music!