One of the questions that everyone is always asking is: HOW do we convince artists to give us their strings?

The answer is easy, we spend A LOT of time making sure that Wear Your Music is ARTIST FRIENDLY.

  • We only want the artist's trash.  So many people ask them for so much, this is the easiest request they often get!
  • It is GREEN!  Artists see so much waste on their tours that they are happy to reduce it and create something from trash.
  • They get to choose the charity!  Quite possibly the most convincing part is that Wear Your Music donates the profits to ANY charity the artist choses.  This means the artist can make money for the cause closest to their hearts.

So, we make the project so sweet they can't refuse.  But still, HOW do we get in touch with all of these AMAZING musicians?  The truth is, we spend a TON of time on the phone.  Now that the project has gotten well know and we have many big name artists it is much easier to get people to listen to us.  But it still takes patience, hard work, and a whole lot of leg work.  We email and call their managers all the time to try to see if we can catch them at the right moment when they have time to listen to us pitch the project.  Sometimes, our work pays off!

Is there any artist you'd like us to start reaching out to?  Leave a comment below and let us know!