You love our planet. So do we. That's why we were heartbroken when we learned that local towns don't recycle guitar strings, meaning over 1 million pounds of discarded strings end up in landfills every year. That's 5,000 tons or 10 Boeing 747 jumbo jets worth of guitar strings every 10 years. What can you do? 
Upcycle and reuse. 

We take discarded strings that would otherwise end up in trash bags and landfills and turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art!  200+ Famous Musicians donate their used guitar strings to Wear Your Music helping to green the music community and turning their trash into money for charities around the world. What a beautiful idea. 

Send us your strings

Do you or someone you know play the guitar? Send us your used strings! There are 6 strings in a set of guitar strings and every 26 sets equal 1 pound of discarded metal. 
Custom Guitar String Jewelry made with strings played by you or a loved one make great gifts and help take strings out of the waste stream. Every little bit helps. 

Other ways to help
We know it takes some time, but bringing your aluminum cans and bottles to redemption centers to be recycled instead of throwing them away can make a big impact. Don't have the time or patients? Ask the neighborhood kids or local schools to collect! 1000 cans at 10¢ a can is $100 and 1000 fewer cans at the landfill. 
Look for ways to upcycle household items. Turn empty paint cans into flower pots, old cd's into mosaic artwork. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination and some help from Pinterest

Have questions about recycling your used guitar strings?  Email us