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Warren Haynes guitar string necklace

I recently was the lucky winner of the May giveaway. I received my Warren Haynes guitar string necklace. I absolutely love it. Also I have received quite a few compliments. Thank you 😊

Lita Ford Cuff

Bought this bracelet for my husband for his birthday. Great quality. Love the brushed finish. Size was perfect for his wrist. We are both Lita Ford fans, so it was perfect

Nailed the gift!!

It was perfect! I got my boyfriend a pendent with a string from his favorite band. He absolutely loved it. He said it was the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given him. He shows everyone:) ❤️

Limited Edition James Hetfield Pendant - SALE
Laura Mitteer
Really nice unique pieces!

Purchased a couple different Metallica pendants and reluctantly donated to local high school to raise money for marching band. Please keep stocking these great items. I have to purchase for myself!

Upcycled Bracelet
Ian Tonkinson
Upcycled bracelet

I was very pleased with my purchase, it only took a few days to reach the UK and my wife really liked it

Simple and beautiful

So glad I made this purchase. Peter Frampton was one of my first musical loves, and to wear a piece from his guitar while I play mine is incredible. While I cannot come close to channelling his expert playing, he will forever serve as an inspiration. I was fortunate to hear him play live when he played with David Bowie. Very fortunate on a few fronts. 🤘🏻✌🏻

Joan Baez Pendant
Elsbeth Haller

Beide Schmuckstücke sind sehr schön. Und da ich schon über 50 Jahre ein grosser Fan dieser tollen Frau bin habe ich mich doppelt gefreut.
Gruss an Joan, wenn Sie sie sehen !

Wear Your Music will ROCK you!

Brian May is an absolute guitar legend, and Queen will still rock you. The bracelet is beautiful. Made with love.

Lucky me

I absolutely love my bracelet. I’m not much of a jewelry guy but find myself wearing it almost everyday. It goes with everything and feels great to be wearing my music as the company name suggests. I’m a big Phish fan and love that I can wear a piece of jewelry that’s contributed to the music I love so much!!

Upcycled Bracelet
Debbie fisher
Love my bracelet….

I received my bracelet and immediately fell in love with it…. It’s awesome… would love to get heaps more charms eventually… remember take it off before having a shower. :) Thankyou Debbie

Bela Fleck Bracelet
Cathy Fenster
Very happy gift recipient!

My boyfriend, who is an avid bluegrass fan and mandolin player, was absolutely thrilled with his Bela Flek bracelet. He’s been showing it off to everyone. The only thing that could have made him happier would be a Chris Thile bracelet. If Mr. Thile ever decides to participate, we’ll be the first to order!

We're so happy to hear he loved it! We'll be sure to add Chris Thile to our outreach list. Thank you :)

Gift for my wife…the real music fan!

Bought this gift for my wife and she said it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten her! We’ve been married 24 years! Lol!

We will we will rock you!

The Brian May pendant was a birthday gift for my daughter who had seen it o the website, but it was always out of stock. When it arrived in the mail she sent me a picture and said it was awesome than she had imagined!

We're thrilled you were finally able to get a Brian May Pendant! We'd love to see pictures of her rockin' it! Thank you for your support!

Lost it!

Got it as a wedding present from my wife. Really loved it. It looked great. But the closing mechanism is not great. I lost it while wearing it :(

Oh no! We're so sorry that happened. Please email us at with you order number and we'll look into it for you!

Music to my ears

This was a gift for my granddaughter because she is a fan of the Rock classics.When she opened the bracelet, she was ecstatic because it was a guitar string. She wears it everyday and gets numerous compliments on it. Thanks for offering such a great jewelry idea.

Upcycled Bracelet
Darleen Siarkiewicz
Upcycled Bracelet

Once again,a beautifui piece of jewelry!!! I now have 4 bracelets in different colors.The idea behind this is so amazing!! So unique. Love it all!

Bonnie Raitt Bracelet
Nancy Kimbrough
So special!!

A gorgeous piece of jewelry! The fit is perfect- (made to size for my small wrist!) Bonnie has always been a hero of mine, so wearing this bracelet is very special to me...


Easy on, easy off, great for stacking

Lita Ford Pendant
Marty Van Zandt
A gorgeous piece of jewlery!

I got this as a birthday gift for my daughter, who is a huge Lita Ford fan. Haven't given it to her yet, but I'm sure she'll absolutely love it!

Absolutely amazing

Very quality piece with a beautiful chain and a beautifully crafted pendant. It feels good to have a 'piece of 'James Hetfield' with me :-)

Joan Baez Pendant - SALE
John Morrell
A Gift that left my friend speechless

First, it arrived safely, well packaged and was internationally shipped. The pendant itself is really stylish, well-made and robust. When I gave the Joan Baez pendant to a friend for her birthday, she was absolutely speechless and overjoyed. It truly is something special. I hope you continue to add more musicians to your catalogue. Thanks for making my friend's birthday unforgettable.

Absolutely beautiful!

Been a Tom Keifer fan for years. In fact, the first song I ever learned on the guitar from start to finish was Nobody's Fool. This makes a great companion piece to the Tom Keifer bracelet my wife bought for me!

Brian May Cuff

Very well made and gorgeous cuff.

Peter Frampton Pendant
Lindsay Clinard
Peter Frampton played string locket

It's beautiful. I touch it many times a day. I love it. I look at it often to check on it. I appreciate how it's made and what it's made of. It has remained beautifully shiny and the glass wonderfully clear and sparkly. The stainless steel has held up really well and the necklace is well made. He means a lot to me from my childhood I'm 55 years old and I never thought this would be something I would have a chance to own or hold close to my heart I sound like a teeny bopper heart throb crazy person but he did really come along when I was about 12 and imprinted on me the music I would love and it would open up a lifetime of music just from his imprinting his sound on me I appreciate this lovely piece of jewelry that is a part of History that I will have to figure out which one of my four children to hand it down to. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift I can't really thank you enough for the gift that this is for me at this point in my life when I've come to come full circle and found him again and his wonderful music he's just made in the last few years especially since he's been diagnosed with a rare disease that will keep him from playing soon which I'm sure is extremely devastating for him but it's also very hard for fans who never got him live and I always thought there might be a chance I would.


BrianMay bracelet is so beautiful! The part of the gold string played with 6pence coins is silver, which is his music itself. I'm so lucky.The fasteners are also solid and beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful jewelry

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