Our earth is suffering from industries across the planet. Factory fumes, car exhaust, plastic, and synthetic materials are just a few examples of the pollutants endangering the earth.

We here at Wear Your Music are a Values Based Organization (VBO). We value our community and environment and charity above all else. We are always striving to REDUCE (the amount of wasteful, un-recyclable materials we use), REUSE (as many pieces of our jewelry as we can, therefore saving time, money, energy and resources) and RECYCLE (guitar strings, banjo strings, piano strings, as well as silver and office materials), as much as we can, limiting our footprint on the earth and our environment.

Did you know?

• Your town doesn't recycle guitar strings. This means that over ONE MILLION POUNDS of strings end up in landfills every single year.
• 26 sets of used guitar strings equals one pound of discarded metal.
• 1 set of 6 used guitar strings equals 3 Guitar String Bracelets.
• Each Guitar String Bracelet, Cuff and Pendant made from Famous Musicians strings sold, bridges the gap between musicians and fans and raises money for hundreds of charities.

Simple ways you can help this Earth Day.

• Recycle your used guitar strings with US!  Contact us for more information.
• Swap out your plastic containers for glass ones and consider switching to a zero waste lifestyle. The Zero Waste Collective has lots of great ways to switch to zero waste. And if going completely plastic free isn't easy, we get it! Any little changes help.
• Walk, bike, or carpool to wherever you need to go. Public transportation is a great alternative if you live in the city.
• Plant a garden. Growing your own veggies and fruit is a great way to provide much-needed nourishment to pollinating insects, as well as limiting your trips to the store.

The Earth doesn't need us, we need the Earth!